In the changing digital landscape, viewing a variety of Adobe and Microsoft documents often involves having specific applications such as Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Office installed. However, there is an innovative solution that overcomes these limitations: Doconut.

Doconut stands out as a leading document management platform that redefines expectations. One of its most amazing features is the ability to view Adobe and Microsoft documents without installing additional software.

Universal Access from Any Device

The real magic of Doconut lies in its user-centric approach. You can view your documents from any device with an Internet connection. Whether on a desktop, tablet or even a mobile phone, the viewing experience is equally effective and unhindered.

Breaking Compatibility Barriers

Format compatibility will no longer be a concern. allows viewing of Adobe and Microsoft documents regardless of the operating system or software installed on your device. Goodbye compatibility problems!

  • Upload your Documents: Upload files in formats such as PDF, PSD, DOC, XLS, PPT, among others, directly to the platform.

  • View in Seconds: Experience instant viewing without the need to install additional software.

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