We are excited to introduce the latest version of Doconut.app powered by Doconut, and it comes with a slew of enhancements that will take your software experience to new heights.

Our document viewer capabilities have received a significant boost:

  • Seamless Document Handling: Thanks to the updated Word Processing Engine, Doconut.app now effortlessly handles DOC, DOCX, and ODT documents. View your documents has never been smoother.

  • Enhanced Language Support: Say goodbye to compatibility issues when working with Arabic Words documents. Our software now excels in displaying and processing Arabic content, ensuring a global reach for your projects.

  • Bulletproof PDF load: We have resolved a critical bug associated with PDF generation using byte arrays (byte[]), ensuring a reliable and error-free experience.

Email Efficiency Redefined

Doconut.app enhanced performance and reliability when dealing with EML and MSG files. View your emails seamlessly within the Doconut.app.

Mastering PSD, ICO, EPS, TGA and WebP Files with Ease

Designers, rejoice! We’ve taken extra steps to perfect the viewer of various file formats.

  • Efficient Image File Handling: Our processing engine has been revamped, offering enhanced support and more efficient memory usage for files in formats such as PSD, ICO, EPS, TGA, and WebP. Unleash your creativity without worrying about software limitations.

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