Are you passionate about PSD files? Then you’re in for a treat with the latest update in! We’ve dedicated special attention to enhancing your experience with PSD files, ensuring that your designs look better than ever before. Here’s what’s in store for you:

🔍 Sharper Text Rendering: Say goodbye to blurry text! Our optimized PSD viewer delivers sharper and more accurate text rendering, ensuring that your text appears crisp and clear in every design.

🔄 Improved Performance and Stability: We’ve fine-tuned our PSD viewer for better performance and stability. Experience smoother navigation and editing, allowing you to work seamlessly on your PSD projects without any hiccups.

🔠 Support for Vertical Text Direction: Unlock new design possibilities with added support for vertical text direction. Whether you’re creating posters, banners, or advertisements, you can now experiment with different text orientations to make your designs stand out.

🎨 Enhanced Visuals: Your designs deserve to shine! Enjoy enhanced visuals in your PSD files. From vibrant colors to intricate details, every element of your design will be displayed with stunning clarity.

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Happy Designing!

The Team